August – September, 2021

Hi everyone, I wanted to provide an update on the Warren Residences project:

  • We are now about a month from substantial completion on the project! We are working towards a temporary certificate of occupancy by the end of September and a certificate of occupancy the first week of October.
  • As you may have noticed, the property around the building has been undergoing substantial landscaping, sprinkler, and concrete repair work. This will all be complete in the next week.
  • All restoration work on the historical stained glass windows has been completed on the outside including adding protective storm panes.
  • There is substantial finish work being done on the interior of the building, and we anticipate final inspections over the next few weeks.
  • We are targeting the first move in date for some of our new residents starting October 11.
  • Once Warren Residences is operational, Susan Vaho, Director of Housing, will be the main point of contact if any items arise.

We are excited to finally be close to completion on this project. Thanks to everyone for your support and patience during the various phases of construction that caused some inconveniences, noise, and disruptions.


St. Francis Center