St Francis Center

St. Francis Center is a seven days a week, year-round operation and we could not exist without the support of our volunteers. We offer a hospitable, safe and accepting environment to more than 275 different volunteers who work with us annually. There are many ways for volunteers to serve and SFC is able to accommodate a variety of schedules and circumstances.

Individual volunteers must be 18 years of age or older in order to volunteer in positions with direct contact with guests. Children under 18 years of age are welcome to volunteer with a legal guardian, although the child will not serve in areas with direct guest interaction.

In addition to regularly-scheduled volunteers, SFC also accepts as volunteers those participating in student community service activities, student intern projects, corporate volunteer programs and other referrals as available.


Volunteer Application Process

Volunteers are placed into assignments based on their interests, skills, and the needs of SFC. Interests and skills are assessed through the completion of a volunteer application, background screening and personal interview. To ensure the best possible match between the interests and skills of potential volunteers and the needs of SFC, all volunteers must complete the application process, which includes an application, tour & interview, and training.


Apply to volunteer at St. Francis Center

To become a volunteer, please complete the following online volunteer applications and we will contact you with next steps.

Volunteer Application

Man sorting Saint Francis Mail
Volunteer Folding Clothes

Volunteer Position Details

Basic Services Volunteer

Basic Services volunteers provide hands-on caring by participating in the following critical onsite services, and can rotate through several areas during each volunteer shift:

  • Distribute mail, messages and hygiene items
  • Assist guests in accessing their items in storage
  • Assist guests who are shopping in the clothing room
  • Monitor use and distribute towels and hygiene items in the men’s showers (male volunteers only)
  • Wash, dry, and fold towels and other donated items as needed
  • Sort and organize donations


Intake Office Volunteer

Intake Office volunteers act as the first point of contact for guests new to St. Francis Center, guiding them through the sometimes confusing and frustrating paperwork. Volunteers must complete a mandatory HMIS training to serve in this area.


Employment Services Office Volunteer

The Employment Services Program at St. Francis Center primarily focuses on connecting formerly incarcerated adults with permanent employment opportunities, and each year helps around 400 individuals achieve full-time employment. The Employment Services Office Volunteer is responsible for greeting clients as they enter the building, answering the telephone, assisting new clients fill out the necessary paperwork, and process paperwork.


Other Opportunities

Volunteers are also used to provide technical support services, work on the SFC Events Committee, and speak locally about issues that affect homelessness and the work that we do at St. Francis. The possibilities for volunteering are as many and varied as the volunteers who donate their time and skill. Please contact us with your ideas!


For more information on volunteering with St. Francis Center, please contact:

Laura Kuhlmann, Director of Volunteers