Who We Are

The mission of St. Francis Center is to reveal God’s love for humanity by providing a safe place for people who are homeless in Metro Denver to meet their basic needs for day-to-day survival while offering them assistance to transition out of homelessness.

St. Francis Center is a not-for-profit organization with its roots in the Episcopal Church. St. Francis Center’s focus has always been to offer a place of refuge for people who are homeless and to provide services with dignity and respect. We continue that tradition today, welcoming all who come whatever their religious or political affiliation.


In 2017, St. Francis Center:

  • Served an average of 724 guests each day
  • Served 10,302 different guests over the course of the year
  • Received 17,601 volunteer hours
  • Provided support that led to 374 individuals transitioning to permanent, supportive housing
  • Facilitated full-time job placements for 328 individuals


Take a look at our 2018-2017 Annual Update for more detailed information. 1718SFCAnnUpdtbook