September 24, 2020

There has been a substantial amount of work happening on the Warren Residences project over the past month.  We wanted to provide an update on where we’re at currently:

  • Interior demolition is winding down.  The main work right now is the asbestos abatement work in the 1952 section of the church.  We anticipate the abatement work to be completed around the middle of October.
  • There are currently two dumpsters on Gilpin.  Once the abatement work is completed, the larger enclosed dumpster (required for the abatement process) will be removed, and we will just have the one dumpster there going forward for the duration of the project.
  • To minimize the impact to parking in the neighborhood, all of the workers for the project are parking in a lot we’ve temporarily leased at Colfax and Williams (NE corner) and walking the two blocks to Warren.  This will continue for the duration of the project.  The exception to this is that the 1-2 construction superintendents for the general contractor will be parking just south of the dumpsters on Gilpin.
  • We have been working with the City of Denver and the neighbors across the alley from the back of the church to improve the overall cleanliness of the alley.  We will continue to monitor this throughout the project.
  • We also continue to monitor the site closely for any unauthorized camping or other activities.  Cameras will be installed over the next two weeks for additional monitoring.
  • There will be a sidewalk closure on the Gilpin side only, from approximately October 19 to November 20.  This is being done to facilitate the outside restoration work that is being done, especially to the East side windows.
  • We are also anticipating intermittent alley closures from 10/26 to 10/30 for work done to the alley side of the building.  All residents needing to use that part of the alley for access, parking, etc., will still have access throughout this closure.  We will have someone directing traffic in that area to ensure they have access, with only minor delays.

Overall, we’re pleased that the project is back on schedule.