Homelessness Awareness

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The incidence and look of homelessness has changed dramatically in the metro Denver area in the past twenty-seven years. Not only have the numbers increased, up from 1,985 in 1990 to 11,061 in 2009 (Denver Point in Time survey), but the composition of the homeless community has changed from one of predominantly single, adult males with a substance abuse or mental health issue, to one in which 46% of the total is made up of families with children. Many of these families are homeless for the first time and do not know what resources are available or where to find them.


Other Facts

  • Metro Denver area Service Providers conducted a “point in time” study and as of January 27, 2009, there were 11,061 persons who were homeless. It showed that 46% were parents and children in families and singles represented 54%.

  • In 2009, the number of persons reporting homelessness for the first time was 4,924 persons out of 11,061, or 44.5%.
    Of the 4,924 persons reporting homelessness for the first time, 2,797 (56.8%) had been homeless less than three months.

  • The per-person cost of an adult shelter annually runs $9,125. The cost to house one person in his/her own apartment for a year is $15,050. Compare those costs to $25,550 for a one year stay in jail, or $800-1200 per day for detox or hospitalization.

  • Families with children and the elderly have been hardest hit by tough economic times and cutbacks in a variety of assistance programs.

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